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Melinda Maximova is a VIP matchmaker and relationship coach. Having played Cupid for many successful marriages and conducted thousands of intimate interviews, she is a premier expert in her field, giving singles hope for finding healthy relationships, great sex and lasting love.

Melinda will personally answer any relationship, sexual or dating question on If you are looking for answers, she offers counseling advice.


Melinda Maximova is now the Relationship and Matchmaking Examiner for


Melinda Maximova -Author of "Power Shift: Shifting Gears to Catch Your Match", and having played Cupid for many successful marriages, has a wealth of information sure to surprise many, perhaps even ruffle some feathers, but ultimately to help people overcome the challenges of dating, relationships and love.  

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Melinda Maximova is an exclusive matchmaker with Perfect Search. Though the eyes of a matchmaker she helps women avoid the dating pitfalls of the power shift phenomenon and addresses controversial topics about the sexes.

Whether you are...

· Single and searching for Mr. Right

· A single mom

· Dating a divorced man

· An urban cougar

· Already married

...You will most likely be navigating the Power Shift.

Most women have little idea how men really think. They are intelligent and grounded women who are having a hard time finding and keeping Mr. Right. It doesn’t have to be this way. Maximova can help women reclaim their power without giving up their right to operate a power saw or to run a boardroom. She empowers women to find romance on their own terms and gives a road map for overcoming the pitfalls of the Power Shift.

As an in-the-trenches matchmaker and the CEO of Perfect Search, Melinda Maximova has become uniquely privy to a wealth of insider information sure to surprise many women, perhaps even upset them with her tough talk, but ultimately to help them find success in relationships. She has learned how men think, what they want, and what they don't want.

Power Shift reads at a lively pace full of humor, stories and matchmaking case studies. It identifies several dating pitfalls and relationship syndromes and addresses questions of controversial topics about the sexes. It has a wealth of important dating tips and advice to initiate spirited conversations on topics covering men, women, dating and long-term relationships. This book provides guidelines for women who want to turn a losing battle on the dating front into a fun, fulfilling, and successful adventure that leads to “happily ever after.” Power Shift teaches women how to respect themselves while they honor the powerful man in their life in terms he can appreciate.

1. What Makes A Man Run For The Hills?

2. What Men Want:

3. Is He Worth It?

4. Are You Ready For Mr. Right?

5. Dating And The Power Shift:

6. Navigating The Power Shift For The Long Haul:

Melinda Maximova is available for interviews

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Melinda Maximova


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