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With so many singles websites and dating services it is hard to know if hiring a personal matchmaker is the way to go. Personal matchmaking has experienced an increase in growth and has become mainstream. A matchmaker, who is already meeting and screening hundreds of searching singles, can help with your love life much like a personal trainer, financial planner or estate planner. The following is a thorough question and answer session with Perfect Search.

Q: What is Perfect Search?

A: Perfect Search is a personalized, VIP, service offering a unique approach to traditional matchmaking. Personal agents operate as personal headhunters to conduct a tailored search for our male clients. Personal agents collaborate with scouts to recruit attractive, grounded, single women to join the candidate pool for client review. The candidate pool of eligible women continues to expand across the nation and abroad, however, searches are not limited to the candidate pool. Agents actively recruit women outside the pool according to client criteria. Taking a holistic approach to matchmaking, Perfect Search also offers a comprehensive package of ancillary services to promote success. Every client and his personal agent customize the service to best suit individual needs. These ancillary services include: date coaching, image consulting, personal shopping, interior design consultation and practice date.

Q: How does Perfect Search work?

A: Perfect Search takes the best of both worlds by combining the tools of a web-based dating service and marrying it with traditional matchmaking. Women can join the candidate pool worldwide with a self-upload tool on the Perfect Search website. The male clients pay a six month retainer and can access the entire database. His personal agent will create a preferred list of candidates who fit his determined set of criteria, while simultaneously searching outside the pool to find potential candidates for his match. Photos and client details are shared, and if there is a mutual interest, the client selects those women whom he would like to meet first.

Q: How is Perfect Search different from other dating services?

A: Unlike a traditional dating service, or matchmaker who merely sits in an office, Perfect Search agents are mobile recruiters who go out and actively search for their clients. The Perfect Search method allows us to actively recruit high-quality, beautiful and grounded women who wouldn’t normally join a dating service. Additionally, other matchmakers charge the same retainer to both male and female clients, running the risk of a conflict of interest. They end up plugging mismatched men with women just to fill introduction quotas with out much accountability for a success. Charging the women a significant retainer limits the eligible pool of women to those willing to pay the fee to join.

Q: Who is a typical Perfect Search client?

A: Our clients are high earning single men aged 30 to 60 who are not willing to settle. They have been super stars in their careers and now want the same success in their personal lives. They often have too many women clamoring for their attention, but not the quality of women they know they deserve. The women who join our candidate pool are well educated, good looking, concerned about health and fitness, and conscious about fashion and style. Women wanting to meet our VIP clients are encouraged to join the pool through the self-upload, website tool at

Q: What if a client is into kinky sex?

A: Sex is an important part of romantic love, and while it’s not a topic we shy away from, we discuss it in a tasteful, professional, way and strive to find a woman who shares our client's tastes and interests.

Q: What is the most common complaint you hear from clients?

A: When clients first hire us they may be very enthusiastic and can get impatient for immediate success. It can take a couple dates however, to get the match right and although we often get it right the first time, it sometimes takes several tries. This is a sensitive business and we are dealing with the heart, so we work closely with our clients and employ the utmost professionalism.

Q: What are clients looking for in a relationship?

A: Our clients are looking for a long-lasting, committed, relationship with someone who is fun to be around. Not surprisingly, people want to have fun in their relationships. They also want someone who is a genuine friend and has their own interests and passions. And someone who is fit and faithful and will forgive them of mistakes and flaws -and obviously, great sex.

Q: Are your clients more interested in beauty or brains?

A: Both are equally important. Everyone has a set of specific particulars when it comes to dating. What Perfect Search finds are the nuances of personality that on line dating cannot.

Q: How do you measure success?

A: We measure success in a variety of ways – long-term relationships, marriages, soul mates, living together. Our goal is to get it right. Sometimes the first few introductions help to calibrate the right fit. A client may say that education isn’t important, for example, but after meeting someone, change his mind and decide he does need her to have a university degree. If the first few introductions are a miss, we will slow down and really make sure we get the next one right. We let the client speak to the candidate on the phone before a meeting, making sure he feels good about the introduction. We want it to be a successful match, so we do everything we can to ensure 100% success.

Q: Do you have celebrity clients or public figures?

A: We take our client's confidentiality very seriously and only reveal identifying information when both parties agree to a meeting.

Q: What if your client had a bad date with one of your candidates?

A: It doesn’t happen that often. What happens more frequently – the dates go well. Because our clients are looking for a long term, committed relationship, we carefully vet and would remove anyone from the pool who had a negative report of undesirable behavior.

Q: Do you have any gay clients?

A: We don't have any gay clients at this time. Because we do such a thorough job with each client, it’s important to focus. Right now we are working with straight, clients only because we have to generate a huge, straight, candidate pool. But we may expand our base in the future.

Q: Do clients have to be wealthy to hire Perfect Search?

A: As a personal headhunter, our job is to find a perfect match for the client no matter what his income. The only criteria we have are that he be serious about a relationship, be able to afford the service, and be a genuine, nice guy.

Q: Do all Perfect Search clients want marriage?

A: Marriage doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal. Many clients have been through marriage before and now are simply looking for a significant, life partner.

Q: Many men in their 50s want younger, beautiful women. Why would a beautiful girl want an older guy?

A: We have clients in their early 30s who are attracted to older women, and clients in their 50s who are attracted to younger. It is really all over the map. But the women who join our candidate pool know that our clients have two things in common: #1 our clients are serious about finding love, and #2 they are successful enough to afford a personal headhunter. These two things don’t often happen to men until later in life. Sure, a woman can find a cute guy at a bar, but he may be riding his skateboard to work, or he may be just trying to serially date. Many women are ready for a serious, committed, relationship at a younger age than many men.

Q: Do men have to divulge their income?

A: A man's income adds value. It doesn’t mean that a woman is going to love him more, but just like a man wants to see a photo of a woman before meeting her, a woman will be more motivated to meet a man if she knows he can be a good provider. If a woman says, “A man should love me for who I am on the inside. Why does he need to see my photo?” I say, "Well, your beautiful photo will motivate him to want to meet you so he can get to know the inside". The same is true with income. It is natural for a woman to be drawn to man who can provide. It is something a man should be proud of and not hide.

Q: How many territories does Perfect Search have?

A: We have licensed Perfect Search in a handful of major cities, including, San Francisco, Bay Area, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara, and we are looking to expand.

Q: How do you train your agents?

A: Agents complete a training program. They are handpicked and expertly trained.

Q: How much money can a Perfect Search agent make?

A: Agents and licensees can do very well financially. A lot of people are looking for a long-term, committed relationship and want to use the effective approach that Perfect Search offers.

Q: Do agents ever date clients?

A: If an agent ever has a romantic interest in a client we will address it on a case-by-case basis. Having said that, working for Perfect Search is is a great way to meet your perfect match.

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