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Glamorous, Las Vegas, Nevada!  This is the land of casinos, show girls, beautiful women and money, money, money.  But there is another side of Vegas too.  The side that tourist rarely see.  That is the professional men and women who live in the residential neighborhoods, away from the famous Las Vegas Strip, and who are looking for love.  “It is easy to find a cocktail waitress, stripper or call girl in Vegas,” one client told us, “but, not so easy to find a healthy relationship, with an intelligent, grounded, woman looking for stability and commitment”. This is where the matchmaker comes into play. 

Melinda Maximova first expanded Perfect Search to Las Vegas when a client from the Bay Area bought a condo in Vegas and wanted to conduct his search there.  Working as his personal headhunter, Maximova began developing the Las Vegas territory of Perfect Search, screening women for our candidate pool. We interviewed hundreds of candidates, setting up appointments in cafes, restaurants and lounges at the MGM Grand, Rio, Palms and Mandalay Bay casinos.

It didn’t take long to realize that the women in Las Vegas were a varied a group of women as different as night is from day.  We interviewed doctors, dealers, lawyers, waitresses, designers, teachers, and divorcees. Some were models living part time in LA, coming to Vegas for weekend gigs, and some were Mormons, or rural girls, escaping from Utah or Nebraska for dreams of stage and stardom. We met professionally trained dancers from New York hired for the world class reviews, and university students attending UNLV, majoring in hotel and restaurant management. There were professional women who came during the housing boom, and executive level casino personnel who came for the casino jobs. But all had one thing in common, all were chasing dreams, and those dreams included finding true love.

In a city like Las Vegas, dating can be a bust. With its’ unique history, culture, laws and economy, you can either hit the jackpot, or fold in defeat. At Perfect Search, we do all the work for you. Unlike a traditional dating service, we don’t wait for candidates to come to our office — we are out meeting and interviewing intelligent, grounded and attractive singles for you so you don’t have to waste your time dating the wrong person. We are a matchmaking service who pre-qualifies someone before you meet. We raise your odds for finding the serious contenders in the most important match of your life.

You tell us who you are looking for and we go out and find her. We are committed to providing you with superior customer service, individualized attention, and an unrelenting search to fill your needs.

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